Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wishing Everyone a Happy 2012

I am grateful that I am able to see the new year.
Wishing everyone a happy 2012!

T-160 Assault Walker (Tomato Class)

A new year and a new blog.
What better way to start the new year than to introduce the very first vehicle created for F.A.T.S.

T-160 Technical Specification

The main workhorse of the People’s Choice Amour Infantry, the T-160 has seen countless battles.
It is one of the favourite assault walkers amongst the pilots mainly due to its durability and speed.
The walker is covered with reinforced titanium-alloy, a material which is durable and light.
This keeps the pilots safe in the T-160 and at the same time speed is not compromised.

The T-160 sits 2 pilots, the main pilot and the weapons system specialist.
The main pilot is in charge of navigation and damage control while the weapons specialist is responsible for the targeting and all weapon systems on the T-160.
The assault walker is usually deployed in formation of 4.
Being a light class assault walker, 4 is usually the optimal number for the best chance of survival in a fire fight.
However in recent times, the T-160 has done solo missions due to its speed and silent engine.

The T-160 was actually designed by the Alien Civilisation but the blueprints were stolen by the human race just before it was split into the United People’s Front and The People’s Choice.

There are many variants of the T-160 but the most important and best loved is the Tomato Class T-160. This version was made famous by pilot Dean Moore Hawk (code name Tomato 1).

Dean is his T-160

Dean with his modified T-160 has seen countless battles and currently he has over 30 kills.
The T-160 (Tomato Class) has simple upgrades like improved shields and targeting computers.

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  1. Pretty awesome. I'm just starting out with this stuff, but it's nice to see what can be done when you get good at it.