Friday, 1 June 2012

Best Friends Forever Coo & Bie

Honoured to be able to use ADMSXT Coobie design and transform it into a F.A.T.S war machine!

Latest zombie / machine to roll out of the F.A.T.S factory is Coo & Bie.
Head over to the F.A.T.S workshop and get your Coo-Bie.

Coo & Bie got to know each other when they were both posted to the secret biological division of the Third Reich during World War II. Coo was a perfect soldier, strong ,smart and fiercely loyal to the F├╝hrer  while Bie was a brilliant scientist specialising in human mutation and super growth.
Coo always had the desire to become the ultimate soldier and was very interested with Bie's research. Bie on the other hand admired the young man's enthusiasm and energy. They soon became best of friends. ♥♥
One winter night, Bie finally completed his research and wanted to test it on a human. Bie wanted to use a prisoner but when Coo came to this knowledge, he begged Bie to test it on him.
Reluctantly, he agreed.
Unfortunately, the experiment went terribly wrong and Coo mutated into a blood lusting monster devoid of human emotion though with super strength. Coo broke the restraints and masacred the entire research team including Bie.
Coo tried to escape the compound but was gunned down by the guards at the gate.

The German high command quickly covered up this failure by burning Bie's research and putting the bodies of Coo and Bie into cold storage.
Hence the two of them disappeared from the face of the earth...until they were brought back to life by Lord Zergo to form the Zombie Army.
Upon the escape of the Zombie's army to the far north of Earth, Bie equipped with the new knowledge obtained from the Alien civilisation equipped Coo with new armour and massive fire power.
Survivors from battles with the Zombie Army would recall a massive giant swinging madly his iron hammer followed by a little zombie.


Friday, 17 February 2012

What makes a leader!

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams

Introducing the paper toys of the 4 great leaders of F.A.T.S.
This time, I will not be making the downloads available as these figures also come in their packaging.
Yes you heard it...for the first time, I have also created the packaging that will come along with the figures.

Hence if you really really really want the 4 great leaders, I will be selling each individual figure for S$10 (excluding postage).
Also I will be making them in batches of 20 figures.
This basically means I will only start making the figures if I can get a total orders of 20s.
You can place your orders at

Chairman Semgar-Front


President Yobama-Front


Lord Zergo-Front


Hitler the Undead-Front


Saturday, 11 February 2012

MB-S6 Heavy Assault Walker (Knite Class)

Honoured to be able to use Nick Knite's MechaBunny design and transformed it into a F.A.T.S war machine!

Latest machine to roll out of the F.A.T.S factory is the MB-S6 Heavy Assault Walker (Knite Class) aka The MechaBunny.
Head over to the F.A.T.S workshop and get your MB-S6.

MB-S6 Heavy Assault Walker (Knite Class)

Designed by Knite Industries for the Artist's Movement, the MB-S6 is classified as a Heavy Assault Walker.
Covered with reinforced titanium, steel and gold and armed with two massive Gatling guns which can be loaded with armour piercing rounds, this is one walker you would want to stay clear in a fire fight.

The MB-S6 is also fitted with a jet pack which allows it to "hop" in the battlefield hence giving it the nickname MechaBunny.

Due to the ease of controlling the MB-S6, it is operated by a single crew member.

In the Artist's Movement Army, they are fond of adding very elaborate designs onto their machine. This particular MB-76 is inspired by the traditional Chinese opera's theme.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

F.A.T.S Workshop

Welcome to the F.A.T.S Workshop.
Here you will be able to download the F.A.T.S templates.
Look out for it at the sidebar!

M76 Transporter "Dragon Walker"

Making its first appearance in a Christmas poster for F.A.T.S, I asked for 40 likes before I release the template.
In the end I managed to get 47 likes which prompted me to start this F.A.T.S blog too!
Read on for more information on the M76 Transporter "Dragon Walker".
Oh yes I did not forget about the template. Check out the F.A.T.S workshop (at my sidebar) for all F.A.T.S downloads or just click here!

M76 Transporter "Dragon Walker" with Wagon

M76 Transporter "Dragon Walker" with Wagon

The M76 Transporter or most commonly known as "Dragon Walker" due to its strength and size, is designed primarily for the purpose of transporting heavy supplies and hauling mechs. The M76 is also able to do light repair work on the battle field.

Amazingly, the M76 can be operated by a single crew member, hence making it one of the most efficient transporters around.
However, it is usually deployed with a 2 man crew, one to drive the M76 and the other to do maintenance work.

The M76 has only a 125mm cannon for protection. The lack in armament is compensated by a very thick armour made of reinforced titanium and steel.

The M76 impressed during the initial trials and was voted in by 47 votes for mass production and deployment into the support units of The People's Choice Army.

The M76 also comes with an extra attachment known as the wagon which is used to carry the load.
There is also an option to install an engine making the wagon self running.
With the versatility of the wagon, it is sometimes used with other vehicles or even building a new vehicle around the wagon.