Friday, 1 June 2012

Best Friends Forever Coo & Bie

Honoured to be able to use ADMSXT Coobie design and transform it into a F.A.T.S war machine!

Latest zombie / machine to roll out of the F.A.T.S factory is Coo & Bie.
Head over to the F.A.T.S workshop and get your Coo-Bie.

Coo & Bie got to know each other when they were both posted to the secret biological division of the Third Reich during World War II. Coo was a perfect soldier, strong ,smart and fiercely loyal to the F├╝hrer  while Bie was a brilliant scientist specialising in human mutation and super growth.
Coo always had the desire to become the ultimate soldier and was very interested with Bie's research. Bie on the other hand admired the young man's enthusiasm and energy. They soon became best of friends. ♥♥
One winter night, Bie finally completed his research and wanted to test it on a human. Bie wanted to use a prisoner but when Coo came to this knowledge, he begged Bie to test it on him.
Reluctantly, he agreed.
Unfortunately, the experiment went terribly wrong and Coo mutated into a blood lusting monster devoid of human emotion though with super strength. Coo broke the restraints and masacred the entire research team including Bie.
Coo tried to escape the compound but was gunned down by the guards at the gate.

The German high command quickly covered up this failure by burning Bie's research and putting the bodies of Coo and Bie into cold storage.
Hence the two of them disappeared from the face of the earth...until they were brought back to life by Lord Zergo to form the Zombie Army.
Upon the escape of the Zombie's army to the far north of Earth, Bie equipped with the new knowledge obtained from the Alien civilisation equipped Coo with new armour and massive fire power.
Survivors from battles with the Zombie Army would recall a massive giant swinging madly his iron hammer followed by a little zombie.



  1. Thanks for your design!
    I shared this cute paper toy on my collection blog: F.A.T.S Coo and Bie Paper Toys