Saturday, 11 February 2012

MB-S6 Heavy Assault Walker (Knite Class)

Honoured to be able to use Nick Knite's MechaBunny design and transformed it into a F.A.T.S war machine!

Latest machine to roll out of the F.A.T.S factory is the MB-S6 Heavy Assault Walker (Knite Class) aka The MechaBunny.
Head over to the F.A.T.S workshop and get your MB-S6.

MB-S6 Heavy Assault Walker (Knite Class)

Designed by Knite Industries for the Artist's Movement, the MB-S6 is classified as a Heavy Assault Walker.
Covered with reinforced titanium, steel and gold and armed with two massive Gatling guns which can be loaded with armour piercing rounds, this is one walker you would want to stay clear in a fire fight.

The MB-S6 is also fitted with a jet pack which allows it to "hop" in the battlefield hence giving it the nickname MechaBunny.

Due to the ease of controlling the MB-S6, it is operated by a single crew member.

In the Artist's Movement Army, they are fond of adding very elaborate designs onto their machine. This particular MB-76 is inspired by the traditional Chinese opera's theme.

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