Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Begining : F.A.T.S (Future Advance Tactical System)

In the year 2050AD, Earth was visited by a technologically advanced Alien civilisation led by Lord Zergo. They came on the pretext of peace and offered the human race the technology now known as the Future Advance Tactical System (F.A.T.S).
Initially the human race was sceptical but eventually accepted the Alien visitor.
However, the Alien civilisation was in fact on a galaxy conquest and Earth was one of the planets earmarked for conquest and the humans doomed to slavery.

Fearing the end of the human race, the humans decided to drop their differences and band together under a common flag and fight against the Alien civilisation.
This began the War of Defiance.

The war raged on for 10 years and the humans grew weary and a power struggle started amongst the top tier of leadership. Distrust also crept in as Lord Zergo started a propaganda war by planting stories of certain faction of the human race planning to defect and joining Lord Zergo in exchange for power and glory.

Eventually, a war amongst the humans broke out and the once united human race broke into 2 factions.
The United People's Front led by Chariman Semgar and The People's Choice led by President Yobama.
After a few years, there were other smaller factions that broke away from the 2 main ones. The most popular one is The Artist Movement where they believe that through Art comes Peace.

The war lasted much longer than Lord Zergo had anticipated and his forces were running low.
Lord Zergo decided to use his technology to raise the dead and create a Zombie Army - an army that does not need rest and holds no fear.
And what better leader to lead this army than Hitler!
However, the special forces from the United People's Front army raided Lord Zergo's space destroyer in a desperate attempt to stop Lord Zergo.
As a result, Lord Zergo could not complete the final crucial steps.
Even though Hitler was brought back as a Zombie, Lord Zergo did not have the time to brainwash Hitler to submit to his cause.

The special forces barely escaped with Hitler, the zombie army and the technology to raise the dead and headed back to base.
Unfortunately, the zombie army turned onto the special forces and ate everyone of them.
Hitler with his new army escaped into the far north of Earth.
The Zombie Army fights for no man or aliens, they just fight for brains!

This blog will record all the characters and vehicles in the F.A.T.S universe.

Welcome to the wonderful world of F.A.T.S

The United People's Front

A dictatorship society led by Chairman Semgar. The party believes in total devotion to the party's goals.
Has the largest army and a famous special forces where the men are prepared to die for the cause.

The People's Choice

The main ideology of the party is that the people make the choice. Everything goes through a voting system and everyone has a say.
In recent years, the party has grown weary of the war and maybe deciding to broker for a peace treaty with Lord Zergo...or is it?
President Yobama is a peace loving man who yearns for the good old days before the War of Defiance broke out.
Has a small fleet but backed up by an advanced technological system.
A reboot of F.A.T.S.

Alien Civilisation

Very little is known of this civilisation.
One fine day, they just appeared above the humans skies.
They were the one that introduced F.A.T.S to the human race.
It has been rumoured that the Alien civilisation is frustrated by the prolonged war and is planning for one final epic battle to wipe out the humans.
Led by Lord Zergo. The people's faith in him has started to decline due to the prolonged war.
This has forced Lord Zergo to take high risks in his decisions.

The Zombie Army

A gamble which Lord Zergo lost.
Now he has to deal with another army.

The Artist's Movement

The party believes that through Art, peace will come.
This is the area where I will use other paper toys artist's designs and convert them to a F.A.T.S design.
If you have F.A.T.S designs, they will come under this banner..:)

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